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Don't know how I would have coped without Removal Firm. Everyone let me down last minute but luckily their movers were there to save the day. Thank you!

  • Paula Feltz
  • 25Apr 2018

Wales Removals are outstanding. Their man and van packages are cost-effective, the team are professional and everything is done very efficiently. Couldn't think of any way in which I'd improve the service! Thanks!

  • Gary Tongue
  • 20May 2016

My move got off to a bad start, I had to take the dog to the vet's, it was raining and I was feeling ill too. I wanted to cancel the move but then thought better of it. The removals team of RemovalsWales arrived well within the time they were supposed to and they took care of everything. They were well prepared and had covers for the boxes so that they wouldn't get rain water on them. They did all of the heavy lifting and it all took very little time. I recommend this company!

  • Leanne
  • 14Jul 2015

I was starting work in a new city and needed a company to help me with my domestic removal requirements. After a vast amount of research, I entrusted the task to RemovalsWales and they did not fail to deliver. The booking process was really straightforward, and on the day, everything went by like clockwork.

  • Sam P.
  • 17Mar 2015

I used the furniture removal service from RemovalsWales and I found the company to be very professional, very intuitive and very good at what they do. I have loads of furniture and there was no way I could get it into my car. I'm really happy with how the movers helped me and the van was the perfect size really! Very pleased with this service and its staff. Thanks for the help on moving day!

  • Marcus A.
  • 22Oct 2014

Knowing full well that we couldn't afford to have a proper, full sized removal doing, we opted for a smaller service from RemovalsWales. They made our lives so much easier, I cannot tell you! The Team were nice to have around, the price was excellent, and nothing was broken, which all adds up to an excellent job as far as I'm concerned! I would happily recommend them to anyone else, and hope that others enjoy the same success.

  • Earl Stewart
  • 10Sep 2014

Getting the most out of our move was always going to be a case of getting the right value. We've never had much to move (no kids, small house) and this time we were getting rid of most of our furniture. So we needed to find a nice and simple service which could save us time. That's when we found RemovalsWales and their man and a van option. It was perfect, really. We got everything moved in a matter of hours and we're happy and content in the new house. Saved a pile of money as well, which helps.

  • Hannah Kennedy
  • 26Jun 2014

RemovalsWales are fantastic because they do everything so fast. Used them twice now and both times have been more than a little impressed with how rapidly they get everything sorted - they really are the speedy Gonzales of the removal company world. They also have a very valuable network of relationships with cleaning companies and storage facility owners which has meant that extras I've needed have been reasonably priced and easily sourced! These guys really are a one-stop shop for this kind of thing, and I wholeheartedly recommend them!

  • George Porter
  • 11Jun 2014

Back and forth like a yoyo is how I have always moved in the past, which is what I hate about moving the most. Not this time though, we did the whole journey once, yes once! Ok so we did load the removals van to the max, plus a few cars too, but we managed it and that saved us an absolute fortune because our journey was quite far and we really didn't want to have to come back to do a second run, costing us more. If you want to move in one go call RemovalsWales because they send a nice big van and really put the effort in to making it happen!

  • Nicola
  • 02Jun 2014

Moving home can be so much hassle. There's only so much you can do in order to prevent this, but the best way I've found is to hire RemovalsWales. Last time I moved, they came on board and immediately began helping out in the best possible manner. I cannot remember such an easy moving experience and almost all of this is down to the brilliance of the moving company which we hired. Whatever it is that you need help with, I would definitely give them a call and see how much they can do to help you. Thanks again.

  • Heather Wilson
  • 29Apr 2014

A great bunch of people and an easy whilst affordable move seems like removal heaven, and it really is! I can say so because I experienced such a combination on my recent removal with RemovalsWales. The team were well mannered and a pleasure to deal with, but that did not get in the way of them delivering a great service with a smile! I felt like we were very well cared for, and given that the price was easily within our budget, and nothing got broken at all, I was extremely happy with the results overall!

  • Jerald
  • 15Apr 2014

This is the second time I've trusted RemovalsWales with my moving needs and I'm still impressed with their services! The first time I contacted them I needed a removal vehicle to take some of my old bits of furniture into storage before I sold them, and they were able to provide just what I was looking for but that wasn't too expensive. I called them again for my house move a few months later, and yet again I was thrilled with the service! They were speedy, efficient and definitely professional. I'd use them again and again! Thank you all so much!

  • Darnel
  • 03Apr 2014

I was moving to another area so it was a fair distance and had a lot to sort out. My sister has recommended I contact a firm she had previously used and raved about. RemovalsWales were great from the first call I made to the final box being placed in my new home. The team was excellent from the first day they arrived to pack up my contents, to arriving on time the next day to load and deliver to my new place. Everything got there undamaged, and was safely unloaded into my new house. Great work guys.

  • Sam W.
  • 27Mar 2014

I was shocked at how easy moving home can be. Every time I've had to move into a new property before there has always been some issue, something important has broken or I've ended up paying through the nose. Not this time. A friend put me on to RemovalsWales and from the first moment I knew I was in good hands. With their help, everything I own not only made it to the new home but did so entirely in one piece and all at a really low price. I wanted to drop by and say how impressed I was, and I would recommend them to anyone.

  • Christine Crowood
  • 05Mar 2014

I was in dire need of an efficient moving service and there was not any one company willing to provide exactly what I needed. That was until I came across RemovalsWales and they offered me exactly what I was looking for. From the initial quote to the service itself, everything was exactly what I was asking for and I must praise them again for their efficiency. When time it of the essence, these guys really know how to put a shift in. I would hugely recommend them to anyone who needed any kind of help with removals and especially those who are facing a quick turn around and need the best help out there.

  • Philip C.
  • 28Feb 2014

I would say I probably need a van every six months or so, when there are a large amount of items to get to the dump or need to take a few bits and bobs to the storage unit. When that time comes I always go with RemovalsWales. Their staff are friendly and their prices are excellent. More so than that they are a real straight-up company. They give me a price and that is what I pay (unless I keep the van a bit longer which has happened), which is pretty unusual when it comes to van hire. Keep up the good work guys, it's the reason I keep coming back for more!

  • Elmer S.
  • 18Feb 2014

Hi, just wanted to leave my thoughts on our recent interaction with RemovalsWales. We had quite a few particularly challenging aspects to our move, which made finding the right service that much more important. From the moment we first talked on the phone, they were great, really reassuring. It's those little things which make it so much easier to recommend a company, knowing that they can treat their customers properly. So it is without hesitation that I can heartily suggest to anyone out there (and my friends) that this is the best moving experience I've had in a long time.

  • Alan Simmons
  • 07Feb 2014

I thought moving into my new home was going to be the difficult bit, but what I actually ended up struggling the most with was my unpacking! I had so many boxes and so many bags to sort through, and with a new job and trying to help my family settle in, I was definitely getting very stressed out and overwhelmed. I'm glad I called RemovalsWales when I did because their unpacking service really was a lifesaver! I went from living out of boxes and suitcases to living in a proper home without having to lift a finger, and I didn't experience any problems whatsoever! I loved my experience with this company!

  • Bart G.
  • 27Jan 2014

I wanted reliable movers for my moving day and I got just what I was looking for after giving RemovalsWales a call. First off, the staff on the phone were really helpful and friendly, and they took the time to listen to my needs (which were pretty specific as I had a lot of antique furniture to move!) for which I was really grateful. When moving day came around I felt as if I were in really safe hands because the movers were all so polite and obviously very skilled. I had a great experience with this company and I'll definitely be recommending them to anyone moving house!

  • Jennifer
  • 21Jan 2014

If you are concerned that your move might be a bit of a panic inducing time, you should look in to getting RemovalsWales round to help you out. They just did our latest removal, and I was extremely pleased with how it all went. Me and my husband were impressed with how polite the team were, despite having been a little apprehensive at having strangers in the house. You never know until you try these sorts of things out, and we were very lucky that our gamble paid off!

  • Irene Miller
  • 08Jan 2014

In a perfect world, we'd not have to worry about things getting damaged when moving house, but of course this is real life, and I was terrified that I'd have a load of damages on my hands when we got to the other end of the move. Luckily, we were moving with RemovalsWales and they made our lives a huge amount easier than I would have expected otherwise. Their pacing service was excellent, and I found that nothing was broken when we arrived. Better yet, the price was very agreeable, and the team were all very nice to have around!

  • Patricia Bennett
  • 03Jan 2014

I was responsible for relocating my entire family, and there were many other arrangements I had to plan. I simply didn't have the time to spend packing boxes and wrapping our belongings. I hired RemovalsWales because I had heard from a co-worker that they were reliable and comprehensive. I needed a company with initiative, who would know exactly what services to provide. The staff at RemovalsWales were great. Their service was flexible and they worked at a time that was convenient for my own schedule.

  • Andrea
  • 24Dec 2013

I needed a reliable and professional company to execute my company move. It was a task I simply couldn't do on my own because I was also in charge of relocating my employees. After a long time of searching, I finally found RemovalsWales, a professional office removal company who was able to get my whole office moved within my tight time frame. The movers were exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled when it came to moving furniture, larger objects and boxes. And most importantly, they were affordable. They completed the move at a time that was most convenient for me, so my office routine was not interrupted.

  • Shanice V.
  • 19Dec 2013

Thinking about it, RemovalsWales made my removal happen in a way that I didn't think was actually possible! You will no doubt fear moving house and all the work that it brings, especially if you have been there for a while, and it is not a silly thing to be scared of! Moving house is a nightmare if you don't have a decent removals company on your side. Our move was so improved by the team that I even bothered writing about it on the internet! That says a lot about it, because I never do this. If anyone out there is looking for a great removals company, then look no further, you have found them.

  • Ben B.
  • 05Dec 2013

When you are moving house, you sometimes forget the importance of having a great removals company. Well, I had never really experienced a great removals company, and did not know it until my recent move with RemovalsWales! They really did make the whole thing a lot more efficient and generally easier. I have no doubt that they would be the same for anyone else, as they just seemed to be really in to what they were doing. They also love tea and biscuits, so if you can stock up on digestives, and you'll have them in the palm of your hand!

  • S. Bruton
  • 30Nov 2013

As far as it goes with removals companies, I don't know a huge amount, and it is not exactly a subject that I am too bothered about knowing a lot on, but my recent move was pretty easy and stress free, so I figure that RemovalsWales must be pretty great! The guys were really nice to work with, and even on the phone they made it clear that everything was going to be absolutely fine as far as the size of my move, and the budget that I was working with went. You never really know whether you are going to get a good service with removers, but I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Melaine Hambleton
  • 25Nov 2013

RemovalsWales are great! They ensured that i was completely comfortable with everything that was going on at all times, and made sure to let us all know about any decisions that they had made regarding the move. I was particularly pleased with how well the team got on with the family, including the pets! Everyone had a fine time getting the move sorted, which was the last thing that we expected, given how stressful moving house usually is! I will be using the crew in the future and would recommend that anyone else who needs a move doing should do similarly!

  • G. Wilson
  • 15Nov 2013

I was lucky to have discovered RemovalsWales when I did, because it was getting a little late in the day to be booking a removals company only a week before the move date. Funnily enough I only went with them because I could not find anyone else who could fit me in, but it turned out to be extremely fortuitous. The team were very efficient and nice to work with, so I felt relaxed about having them around. They were extremely careful with my stuff, and were excellent at ensuring that The place was left clean and tidy after they finished, which meant less work for me!

  • J. Harris
  • 10Nov 2013

How great is it to have a removals company that can help you out with pretty much anything from planning the whole move, to taking things to storage for you!? Really great, that's how great! The guys at RemovalsWales were fantastic in all aspects of the move, making everything a lot more calm, when it would have been a massive panic if I was doing it all by myself. The company offered extra services that proved invaluable, and it was well worth paying that little bit extra for them, as it transformed the moving process for me.

  • Ella Gatsby
  • 05Nov 2013

The fine gents at RemovalsWales should be hired by anyone who wants a top class service for a good price. The value of their work cannot be underestimated, as it is second to none. Recently I feel like there has been a bit of a drop in standards, as anyone seems to be able to claim that they are skilled in a trade, but the fact is, there is a lack of good workers out there. These lot know what they are doing, and offer good honest work at a decent price. Safe, sound, and more for the pound; perfect.

  • Trent D.
  • 31Oct 2013

I'd like to extend my gratitude to everyone at RemovalsWales for ensuring that my removal went well and without fault this year. I move rather often, it is sad to say, as work takes me all over the country for extended periods, but this was by far the most relaxed and efficient removal that I have undergone. The team were all nice and friendly, and their work ethic was on point. Everything was moved quickly and efficiently, and I could not have asked for much more really. I god job well done, and nothing left to say but thanks.

  • Matthew Harsham
  • 26Oct 2013

The boys from RemovalsWales were great! I could not have asked for a better service in all honesty, they gave exactly what they said on the tin, which was a good price for a great service. it was all I needed and I got it. The value for money was a real selling point, as they claim to deliver a lot when you read about them on the internet, so I was happy that they delivered everything that was promised. I won't need to search around for a removals company next time, I can count on these boys for my removals now!

  • Amanda J.
  • 21Oct 2013

I was really, really worried about moving house, but these guys made it all way easier for me. I reckon that anyone who needs a great home removals service should give RemovalsWales a call as soon as they know when they will be moving, because they made it all really easy for me from the beginning. You know that they are going to be keeping an eye on your stuff at all times because they care about the customer more than other things, so they treat your belongings like their own, which was really nice.

  • Riannhon Sinclair
  • 15Oct 2013

Our move was handled really professionally by RemovalsWales and we would definitely use them again. When my husband and I left our two bed terrace and moved into a bigger house outside town, we wanted to make sure that our belongings were handled carefully and the removal team did just that. They used padding and bubble wrap to keep all our fragile belongings safe and stacked everything in a sensible way in the removal van. When we arrived at our new home, settling in was very easy as everything was unloaded and unpacked by the removal team. Our move was a very comfortable experience and thankfully nothing went wrong!

  • Harjinder L.
  • 10Oct 2013

When we moved to Brighton, we were quite anxious about moving day because we had a lot of very bulky furniture and my husband and I wouldn't have been able to fit it all through the doorways or down the stairs of our old house. RemovalsWales made it all look easy. It was quite a surprise for me to see how easily wardrobes, bed frames and tables can be manoeuvred, and even more surprising to see the removal men dismantle the piano and then rebuild it in a matter of seconds. Our move was much easier than we expected and we would definitely use this removal company again!

  • Frances
  • 05Oct 2013

My husband and I were not looking forward to our house removal, especially considering the fact that we both work and have several children to organise. It was fabulous finding a company who were willing to carry out our move at the weekend, which meant that my husband and I didn't need to get any time off work and could organise our children while it was being carried out. We had a lot of items going to specific rooms in our new home, and we were pleased to find that the movers were following the plan exactly as we wished. Thanks to everyone at RemovalsWales for an excellent experience.

  • Phoebe Mitchell
  • 29Sep 2013

The biggest challenge my husband and I faced when moving properties was that our house was also our office. Owning and running our own business together we realised that this was going to be a doubly hard job from the outset. Fortunately I had heard of RemovalsWales and knew that they specialised moving from both homes and offices, so I gave them a call. They paid close attention to our specific requirements and planned with us a move that suited our needs best. It didn't take long at all before our entire upstairs office had been moved from our old place to our new place - and that was on top of all the usual household items. Thank you team for being so patient with us!

  • Susan Sheffield
  • 24Sep 2013

A big thanks to all the staff at Wales who recently executed my home move. They were wonderful throughout the entire process as they were convenient and reliable. I was able to continue with my professional responsibilities throughout the process without any disruptions. They were extremely hard workers and got the job done in a quick time frame. Their professionalism and reliability is unmatched. There is no better removal company for a home move, I recommend them without a doubt.

  • Samuel J.
  • 17Sep 2013

The team at Wales is unrivalled by any other. From the moment I called up to the final unloading process, they were always providing crucial assistance and support. All the staff members worked well together and the job was done quickly. They were friendly and their prices were affordable. I couldn't believe that such high-quality services could be so inexpensive. I recommend them for any move as they will surely deliver what they advertise. Thanks so much Wales!

  • Samantha Atons
  • 12Sep 2013

I cannot thank the team members at RemovalsWales enough for their great service in my home move. I moved at a very busy time of the year in rather bad weather conditions. But they were so great with their service, they ensured that the transport process was organized and none of my belongings were damaged during the process. They are a fantastic company with excellent team work skills and affordable prices! I would recommend them for any small or large move, they have the equipment and expertise to execute a successful move. Thank you for the friendly service.

  • Claudia Adkinson
  • 07Sep 2013

RemovalsWales is a fantastic removal service! The service they provided for me was affordable and professional. They were really friendly and worked with me to make sure that I was comfortable with every stage of the process. You should definitely hire this company for all your removal needs, whether it is for an office or a home. They can give you great advice about how to organize to execute a good home move. They planned everything out for me beforehand! I definitely recommend RemovalsWales for any removal task.

  • Gloria Marines
  • 02Sep 2013

I thought I was ready for my move, but the amount of work that is necessary soon overwhelmed me. Packing was taking far too long, and the boxes were becoming much too heavy for me. Furniture was something I was ignoring and I realised not being able to carry it would be problematic. I decided to call Removals sand they soon made me realised how much work went into a move, but I didn't have to worry because they handheld everything. They packed my goods securely and carried them all for me. What was almost disaster became a success, all thanks to them.

  • Lisa Connelly
  • 25Aug 2013

I had my eyes on a home for years and wanted to move there as soon as possible. When I finally had the chance to move in, so I didn't want anything to go wrong. I hired Removals because I knew they would be able to get everything done in no time. Their top team arrived swiftly and took care of the process just a quick. They packed everything I won safely into boxes, carried them out of my old home and later into my new one, after driving it all there. I am now living in my dream home, thanks to the help they gave me.

  • Lindsey Belle
  • 19Aug 2013

My belongings are very important to me, from the things that are monetary valuable to those that have sentimental worth. When I was moving home, it was imperative that everything would be safe and taken care of. I decided to call RemovalsWales for help worth this because I knew that they would give me the device, materials and service is needed. Their team helped me make all my good secure so I didn't have to worry about anything being broken, lost or even dirtied during the process. They treated my belongings as carefully as I would, meaning I got the best service.

  • Ed Brown
  • 12Aug 2013

I find myself moving around all the time for work, so it is important that I find the right firm to help me. They have to be able to pack all my goods securely, lift and carry every piece of furniture I own, be capable, experienced and above all professional. For this move, I called Removals and they delivered on every criterion hold. They performed their job well and were there to assist me with whatever I needed. They met my high standard and I'm sure they will meet yours.

  • R. Glass
  • 07Aug 2013

I had lived in Wales my entire life so when the opportunity presented itself to begin a new life in Italy I leapt at the chance. I would be starting a new job there and have my own home so I was extremely excited. Unfortunately moving to another country is not easy. However, I had help in the form of RemovalsWales. They did so much for me, such as teaching me about international removals, assisting me with paperwork, sending a team to pack my thing, shipping everything over, unpacking tem in my home and they even drove me from the airport. When I arrived, my home was ready to be lived in. An amazing service.

  • Christine
  • 11Jul 2013

My apartment had become much too small, as I wanted to expand my family. I looked around for the perfect place and when I found it, I knew I would need some help to get there. I had a lot of stuff and packing and transporting them wasn't something I could myself. I called Wales hoping to get some support and I got just that. They ran me through the process, gave me advice, a free quote and sent a team of movers to my home that swiftly had everything at my new address.

  • Liz
  • 06Jul 2013

I was worried about my removal at first. I felt I wouldn't be able to do everything on time, or I wouldn't manage to be able to pack all my things, never mind carrying boxes and the like. Then I discovered Removals. When I called them they started to tell me how to make things easier and soon I felt I would be able to do everything, but I didn't need to. They sent around their movers and before I knew it my possession were safely on their vans and taken straight to my new address. I couldn't recommend them enough!

  • Anna W.
  • 01Jul 2013

Words cannot express the gratitude I owe Removals. I had been dreading my move because of all the work I would have to do but they took care of everything. After just one phone call to them, I was closer to completing the process. They gave me the information I needed and sent a team of people to pack all my things and transport them to my new address. I can't thank them enough for showing me how easy a relocation can be and for allowing me to enjoy the experience.

  • J. Robinson
  • 26Jun 2013

Not a lot of companies deal with pool table removals. Lucky for me, Removals was able to remove mine without any problems. I have had my pool table since I was a teen, and it holds a lot of sentimental value to me, which is why I couldn't trust myself to remove it myself - only the best for my baby! My logic may not be understood by a lot of people, but was certainly understood by the movers, who shared my passion for pool. They got it to the new destination in one piece and without a mark on it!

  • Gail S.
  • 07Jun 2013

I was unsure about which company to pick and based my decision on existing testimonials and I am glad that I did take them into account because I found the perfect removal company - Removals. I am hoping that my review is going to influence someone else's decision because Removals truly are a great removal company. Their work is immaculate and I cannot fault them at all. If I were ever going to remove again, I know exactly who I would call - Removals!

  • Douglass Rose
  • 02Jun 2013

I am a shop owner, specialising in the sale of electrical goods that are very expensive and delicate. So when I decided to move to a larger unit in order to expand my business, I was worried about allowing other people to handle my stock. A close friend of mine recommended Wales Removals and now I know why he was so pleased. When the removal men came, they started working instantly, taking good care of my items at all times. I had kept inventory to ensure that nothing went missing or was stolen and I am pleased to say that all my items made the move with me.

  • Floyd G.
  • 28May 2013

I have moved a few times, but have never used a removal service until now. I was very skeptical, especially since a lot of my friends and family members warned me about the dramatic price increase should I have more boxes than I claimed etc. I must say that after having Removals deal with my removal, I have nothing but positive things to say about them. There were no hidden charges or dramatic price increases, even though I did go over my estimated number of boxes by 3 boxes. They were very friendly and down to earth which was great.

  • Abigail F.
  • 23May 2013

I needed my hairdressing equipment replacing into a new salon I had purchased recently. I also had to move quickly as time is money. In addition I was worried how much the move would cost me. But I had to push on and so I contacted Wales Removals who gave me an excellent quote for the job and were able to do it within a few days. Wales Removals were a fantastic crowd and worked very hard. All of my items were moved with care - they handled them carefully. Obviously, this was a relief because some of my equipment was pretty expensive. Thank you.

  • Sue
  • 18May 2013

I have had to move many times over the years due to my husband's job, and during that time I have had good and bad experiences. But our latest move and hopefully this time our last as we are retiring; we used the services of Wales. They provided an excellent home removal service and great care was taken by the friendly staff with all of our precious belongings. I would certainly recommend Wales to anybody needing a removal company. Well done and Thanks.

  • Jane Green
  • 13May 2013

RemovalsWales provided me with affordable storage solutions and inevitably, I accepted their offer. Storage services are normally well over my tight budget, but RemovalsWales offer bargains that I simply couldn't refuse. I even got to check the storage unit out before I booked a date with them. Their professionalism was really outstanding, in my opinion. The storage unit I hired was clean and secure. It was large enough to fit all my items in and overall, I was pleased with it. So, I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for your help!

  • Tina
  • 08May 2013

Can I just say how happy I was with the service of RemovalsWales? I booked a date with them not long ago to help me move my possessions from my old apartment to my new house. Well, all I can say is that they were brilliant. Unlike a lot of companies, the team of movers was hardworking and efficient. You could tell they were also well trained. Overall, I was so happy with RemovalsWales and I'd like to say a hug thank you to everyone involved with my move. All the best!

  • Ryan Bramley
  • 21Apr 2013

My wife and I only have one negative thing to say about Removals and that is that they arrived late on moving day. Apart from that, they've been superb. Even though they arrived late, we couldn't really get angry at them because they couldn't stop apologising. And they certainly made up for it in terms of their work performance. They wouldn't let us touch a thing - they did all the loading, unloading and even carried our boxes into the front room of our house. Overall, we'd give them 9 out of 10 for their overall performance. Well recommended.

  • David Green
  • 16Apr 2013

So much can go wrong when it comes to using a removal service and having them transport your possessions from one place to the other. I for one have been in the midst of a removal going wrong and it wasn't at all pleasant. When a good friend recommended Wales Removals, I wasn't sure they'd be any good. I called them up anyway just to see and I was pleasantly surprised when a polite woman spoke to me and answered all my questions regarding their removal services. Since that initial communication, I have been really impressed with Wales Removals.

  • Joel
  • 11Apr 2013

My elderly mother needed to downsize to a flat from a family home and needed a dependable and trustworthy removal company RemovalsWales. Over the years she had accumulated many valuable possessions and wanted to ensure they were taken good care of. RemovalsWales did a wonderful job and was meticulous with all of her treasures. The workers were very polite and friendly; my Mum has had nothing but praise for the wonderful service they provided for her on her big day. The cost was also very competitive.

  • Anne Summers
  • 26Mar 2013

RemovalsWales did everything for me! The planning....the packing...the transportation...everything! I was really happy with their service and would most certainly use them again. Moving home isn't at all straight forward. There is so much more to it than just moving. There is a lot to think about besides transporting your belongings from one property to another. RemovalsWales was a lifesaver. They helped me through it all and I was content with their quote. The team of movers was friendly and helpful. They worked hard and didn't complain at all. A brilliant service at a great price.

  • Barry
  • 21Mar 2013

You are the best Removals! Thank you so much to all you guys that helped us with our move. Our move went smoothly and easily and there were no troubles whatsoever. I'm over the moon that we found such a great removals company that we can count on from now on. Please keep up the fantastic work and you'll keep a customer! To anyone thinking of hiring them, do it! They are brilliant!

  • Tyler
  • 16Mar 2013

I want say a big thanks to Wales Removals for making my move to the country easy and stress-free. From start to finish, you have been wonderful and I honestly could not have done it all without you. To all the staff at Wales Removals: thank you very much for your never ending support. You have made things so much easier and I have in fact enjoyed working with you. Thanks!!!

  • Pauline Richards
  • 11Mar 2013

To all the staff at Removals, thanks for moving my belongings to my new flat in the city. Your removal men are highly skilled and very hard working, customer service is incredibly helpful and your prices are great! None of the removal men complained when I asked them to take them to the fourth floor. They were more than willing to help. Overall, I was really pleased with them and I shall be hiring them again if I move again. I'm happy to have found a removals company I can rely on 100%. Thanks guys!

  • Shaun W.
  • 06Mar 2013

No other company offers such great value removal services, which in addition to being professional and well organised, are also conveniently carried out and come at a reasonable cost. Most people want as much as they can get for their money and with this company you can have all of that. Relocating with this company was the cheapest move that I have ever had!

  • Elisia Massarella
  • 26Feb 2013

They were great when they moved my belongings to my new home. I only had a few belongings that needed moving and they completed the relocation for me within a very short amount of time. I told them what I wanted them to do and they got on with it without any problems. Fantastic!!

  • Jemima T.
  • 21Feb 2013

I don't usually write reviews but I feel that I should definitely write a review to acknowledge the high quality services that I received from Wales Removals. All of the members of staff were absolutely incredible with me and were ever so helpful too. They assured me that they would aim to make my move as easy and as convenient for me as possible and that is exactly what they did. It is nice to see that there is a company that is honest and that sticks to their word! Fantastic!

  • Henry S.
  • 13Feb 2013

Thank you to all of the office personnel, removals staff and other members of the team at Wales Removals for making my commercial move a great one! I really appreciate it so thanks again!

  • Jonathon Weeldon
  • 08Feb 2013

I was very pleased with RemovalsWales and the staff that work there. The guys that moved my stuff were very efficient and they arrived perfectly on time, so I didn't have to wait for them. None of my stiff got broken or damaged. It all arrived in good condition, as good as new. Even though I had a few fragile boxes and was worried about them getting smashed, the mover assured me that they had done this sort of stuff tons of times and they handled it all perfectly. Thank you RemovalsWales for everything.

  • Maggie
  • 03Feb 2013

Removals offered me a personalised moving package to suit my needs and at no extra cost. I've never heard of this approach before, but I do believe it works because I got to choose exactly what I wanted to be done. They always got back to my emails quickly and never kept me waiting, unlike some removal companied I've been with that often ignore your questions. This company is honest and very professional. They really do deserve five stars for their sheer brilliance. Would certainly recommend them to friends and family!

  • Raj
  • 29Jan 2013

The best part of my moving process was when I hired and nbsp; Removals to take care of transporting my items to my new location. No matter what I needed or what I said, the team were all ears and could meet my requirements and demands! Not many companies are like that and I was thoroughly impressed at how simple and straight forward the process was. Moving is easy with this team and I would highly recommend them.

  • Chloe
  • 20Jan 2013

I would like to say a big thank you to the and nbsp; Removals removals men and office personnel. Moving with this company was really good and didn and rsquo;t cause me any hassle or inconvenience. Like most people, I couldn and rsquo;t afford to lose any valuable time. Luckily I didn and rsquo;t have to and I managed to carry on as normal up until the set moving day. Thanks a bunch you were all great. Thanks again! I much appreciate the professionalism and priceless tips and help!

  • Tania Yordanova
  • 15Jan 2013

I am more than satisfied with the services of and nbsp;Wales because they made moving easy for all of the family. When you move with a family it is not always easy because more often than not there are a lot of emotions and mixed feelings up in the air, but the reliable way in which and nbsp;Wales relocated our personal items immediately eliminated and nbsp; a big hassle from our lives. Thanks to the wonderful team here, we managed to move safely and none of our items were damages, lost, stolen or broken. A true professional team! Thanks a bunch guys!

  • Iona
  • 10Jan 2013

I hired three men from Wales to help me move all of my stuff from my house in Acton to my new 2-bedroom home in Balham. The men did everything so professionally that I didn't know how to thank them but to leave my positive feedback for them. Thank you!

  • F. Forrester
  • 01Jan 2013

I found Removals online and decided to try their storage services. I contacted their office and Maria, the representative who helped me, was very kind and explained everything I needed to know. And I have to admit that I was very satisfied with the whole process as well. Thank you!

  • B. Woodart
  • 27Dec 2012

Wales moved me and my family within London and it was an amazing experience. Everything was done quickly without any problems and was delivered to my new home as expected. I strongly recommend Wales to anyone!

  • L. Eriz
  • 22Dec 2012

This company is exactly what other movers should strive to be like. They arrived at my house a bit earlier than they said they would and were very energetic, fast and organized. I can truly say that they cared about every single item of mine. I'll grade them as an A+ service provider!

  • M. Roppert
  • 17Dec 2012

I have moved 4 times now and this is the first time I've been happy with of the moving services I hired. This time I hired Wales Removals and from my first telephone conversation with their representatives I knew they would be different. They were polite and careful. The moving men were also kind, qualified and efficient. For my next move I am going to call their office again!

  • B. Sollis
  • 11Dec 2012

I had a household move last week and I hired Removals for the second time to do the job for me. Their team was amazing, as always. I couldn't believe how fast they finished everything. I would use them again in a heartbeat!

  • R. Decha
  • 06Dec 2012

I used Wales for two separate moves, both of which went perfectly. The movers were polite and very skillful. I have already recommended them to my friends and each of them that has used them has been thrilled. Thumbs up for Wales!

  • J. Mervatic
  • 28Nov 2012

RemovalsWales provided me with fantastic customer service and a fair price. Two men showed up for my move. They were strong and knowledgeable and took complete care of everything. The delivery was also fast. If I need to move again I will contact RemovalsWales.

  • C. Letton
  • 23Nov 2012

I want to thank to the wonderful team Removals sent. These guys were on time, packed everything for me and loaded it all onto the lorry. Within 2 hours all of my possessions were at my new home, all in good shape. Thank you!

  • R. Bujold
  • 18Nov 2012

What marvelous moving services! I would like to recommend Removals to anyone who needs a reliable and honest company. They wrapped all of my furniture tightly and delivered everything in perfect shape. Thank you very much!

  • K. Leuci
  • 13Nov 2012

Because of my job I had to relocate my office to Birmingham. My manager was the one who chose the removal company instead of me. At first I was a bit skeptical and very nervous about my valuable files, but at the end I was impressed. The moving crew were just great, and they delivered everything in perfect shape.

  • D. Francis
  • 08Nov 2012

I wanted to take a minute to let you know that I used the services of Wales Removals yesterday and I had an excellent experience. They were on time, polite and hard working. They were so kind as to fix my old wardrobe as well. Thank you very much!

  • G. Durande
  • 03Nov 2012

The moving team from Wales Removals arrived right on time and were very strong and honest. Everything was very well organized. I would definitely use their services again and would recommend them to all of my family and friends!

  • V. Alford
  • 29Oct 2012

I want to share my positive opinion of Removals as well. I hired them for my storage removal last week and they were fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble for the team of movers. Great guys. Thanks again for the help!

  • R. Brooke
  • 24Oct 2012

I did some research to find the most professional and competitive company to help me with my office removal. It was a short notice removal so I needed it to be done as soon as possible. Finally I chose to contact Wales and I personally think this was the best decision. They treated all my stuff with care and delivered everything within the estimated time. I will not hesitate to use them again!

  • B. Lalima
  • 19Oct 2012

I never leave feedback but in this case RemovalsWales deserve the following words from me as a thank you for helping me and my family move as easily as possible. The movers were extremely polite and careful. There were no dirty or even broken items. Thank you very much once again!

  • R. Aleksandrov
  • 14Oct 2012

Very fast services. I had the professional team of Wales one week ago and they were fantastic. They were a few minutes earlier than the estimated time, and introduced themselves and got to work immediately. It was a very good team! Strongly recommended!

  • M. Jonathan
  • 08Oct 2012

Wales Removals provided us with a brilliant service. Our items were carefully wrapped and then put in boxes and labeled. It was really easy for us to unpack. Thanks to the Wales Removals team the day was a great experience. Highly recommended!

  • Q. Ganis
  • 03Oct 2012

I had to relocate my office and I started to search for a reliable moving company. I chose the services of RemovalsWales based on their good feedback and I am so glad I chose them. Their price was lower than I expected as well. Fantastic movers!

  • P. Marishta
  • 28Sep 2012

My family is so grateful for our move with Wales. It wasn't an easy move, but their professional crew made it go smoothly. From carefully packing our belongings and loading them to delivering them to our new home, everything went perfectly. Thank you very much!

  • C. Braxton
  • 22Sep 2012

I can't say enough good things on how grateful I am for the services of Wales Removals. They were very professional and hard working. They wrapped all my furniture tightly and delivered everything in the same condition as I left it.

  • R. Razavi
  • 17Sep 2012

I want to express my gratitude to all the movers working at Removals. You did an excellent job packing all of my belongings for me. Great job, thank you so much for getting all of my items safely delivered to my new home as well.

  • H. Schindler
  • 12Sep 2012

My husband and I moved from Portsmouth to Amsterdam and I have to say it wasn't a bad experience at all. I decided to call Wales based on their positive feedback online and I wasn't disappointed. The moving men were hard working and nice. They even double wrapped some of my most valuable items to prevent damages. Great service. Thank you!

  • R. Ushapati
  • 07Sep 2012

I moved from Italy to Ireland using Wales Removals. I hired 3 moving men and they came to my house a bit earlier than the estimated time. The whole process was smooth and I was very satisfied with their services. I highly recommend them!

  • D. Ansaldi
  • 02Sep 2012

We recently moved from West Midlands to South East England and the whole process was absolutely stress free. The van arrived on time and all of our furniture was gently packed by two men of the Removals crew. They delivered everything to the new destination and unpacked it wherever we wanted. We would thoroughly recommend them.

  • R. Stinton
  • 28Aug 2012

The two gentlemen worked very hard and carefully. I am very satisfied with Removals and I will definitely use them again. They did an outstanding job for me. Great value for the money!

  • N. Kaur
  • 23Aug 2012

The moving crew of Wales were right on time and very careful. They followed all my instructions. The whole move went really smooth. Thank you very much!

  • D. Lehrer
  • 18Aug 2012

I used RemovalsWales to help me move from my old flat in Leeds to a new one in Munich, Germany. This was a very long distance move and I was pretty scared. And I have to admit that the representative of RemovalsWales was there to answer my tons of questions every time. The moving crew were at my place on time and they wrapped all of my furniture very carefully. It seemed to me that they really knew what they were doing. All of my belongings were unloaded in my home in Munich in perfect condition. They even placed everything in the flat where I wanted it. I received brilliant services, and I will strongly recommend them. Thank you very much!

  • P. Schmidt
  • 12Aug 2012

Removals provided me with excellent, first rate service. The two men they sent me took perfect care of my stuff. From start to finish the moving men and the reps were professional and nothing was too much trouble. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

  • R. Chitrangda
  • 07Aug 2012

On the day of our move I had to go to the hospital because of an allergic reaction, the whole moving process was up to my 14 years old daughter. Claudia from the office of Wales was so kind to understand the situation and ensured me that they were going to keep in touch with me during the whole move. I was really nervous, but I have to admit that they really kept in touch with me. My daughter said that they were extremely polite with her and they had finished the job in no time. I wish I could have been there to thank these guys personally. I am strongly recommending Wales services. Thank you so much for everything!

  • R. Demir
  • 02Aug 2012

RemovalsWales is the best moving company. I have used them on five different occasions and have been very pleased with their services. I couldn't ask for a more professional team. I wish this company lots of success.

  • V. Mcleish
  • 28Jul 2012

Very quick service. I had the team from Wales Removals out two days ago and they finished in less time that the original estimate. The moving men were dressed appropriately and were very careful with all of my belongings. Highly recommended!

  • O. Iles
  • 23Jul 2012

I used Wales Removals last week and I am more than pleased with their services. They worked so hard the entire time. I have never seen a team so focused on their job. I am recommending them to all of my friends.

  • K. Larson
  • 18Jul 2012

If I had to rate the services of Removals on a scale from 1 to 10, I would choose 10. My boyfriend and I moved from a small flat into a bigger one. The two movers were very friendly and took our move with a positive attitude. Thank you very much for making this day hassle free for us.

  • A. Kovalik
  • 13Jul 2012

We had to move from two different places into one, and Removals worked very fast and gave us the most for our money. Besides that, they were very friendly and tried to do everything we wanted. It was a pleasure to work with them.

  • B. Schulte
  • 08Jul 2012

Wales did a wonderful job moving me from London to Frankfurt. They were fast, efficient, and careful. Everything was covered in mats and wrapped tightly. And most important for me - everything arrived in perfect condition, nothing was missing or broken. Thank you very much for the great help. I will definitely use your services again. Best regards!

  • Melchior Koch
  • 02Jul 2012

I want to express my gratitude to Wales Removals as well, because I am not an easy-going person and these guys met all of my needs. They even called me from their office during the day of my move to ask if I was happy with the team they sent. It's a really good company. I am recommending your services to all of my friends. Best Regards!

  • J. Smith
  • 26Jun 2012

Removals are very good at their services. They actually moved us from 7th floor to the 2nd. They even wrapped most of my stuff and nothing was damaged or lost. If I need to move, I will use their services again.

  • P. Leech
  • 20Jun 2012

I want to send my warm regards to Removals. I want to share that they were on-time, efficient, and did a great job wrapping and packing all of my stuff. They were friendly and even offered me to unpack for me. The guys from this company are so helpful. I strongly recommend them.

  • George Stone
  • 15Jun 2012

I want to share my gratitude about the wonderful services of Wales Removals. I decided to pack all my staff and arrange them myself. I had labeled all the boxes and when the movers came they followed all my instructions. They were extremely nice and courteous.

  • P. Gordon
  • 03Jun 2012

I will definitely use Wales Removals again, because these movers were extremely professional, quick and friendly. They arrived on time for the move and treated all my belongings with care. Thank you very much.

  • T. Lambert
  • 29May 2012

Families nowadays have many different reasons for a removal. I hired possibly the best company for my house removal. Removals made my moving experience practically pleasurable. They explained to me the whole process before I hired them and certainly came through on what they promised. My sincerest gratitude for that!

  • R. Shellton
  • 23May 2012

The greatest advantage of this company for me is that they will also unpack your things. Moving can be a depressing and exhausting effort, but after that unpacking is an even more unpleasant activity. They took care of everything, for which I want to express my gratitude.

  • 18May 2012

I got a job in Germany, so I needed to move half of the house from France to Frankfurt. A colleague of mine gave me the contact details for Removals. I was most nervous about some really fragile stuff that I have. But that's why I want to thank the moving team - they did not give me a single chance to complain while doing their work. Everything was perfectly done. It was a very neat, fast and accurate move. Will use their services again in the future.

  • A. Didier
  • 13May 2012

I am studying in Birmingham and I had to move from Campus to my fiancé's house. He had arrange Wales for me. Once everything was moved in, the crew were great about putting things where we wanted them. My friends and family know how pleased I am. If anyone needs a moving company recommendation, thumbs up for Wales.

  • V. Edwards
  • 08May 2012