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What Kind of Man and Van is Right for you?

Knowing exactly what to be looking out for as you book your man and van can be a really difficult task. You will no doubt be wanting to ensure that you get the job properly, whilst also making the most of your spending, and getting as much for your money as possible. The two can cancel each other out however, as it usually seems that a better service will cost more. If you can strike a balance between price and quality, then you should be well on track to get your move underway with ease and economic efficiency. The main issue with finding the right man and van is that there are often varying hurdles to jump in the selection process, and things may come as a surprise, so if you know exactly what you need to look out for before you start looking, then you will be well placed to make a decent decision.First off, you will want to think about what your move requires, and how that will affect your decision. Some removals companies will do long moves with a smaller van, which is great for moving a bedsit or flat to another city, whilst other man and van services will only do a shorter move. You need to work out how many miles the move is roughly, and therefore, how long it may take. These factors, alongside how large your load is, will affect the price. There seem to be two differing schools of payment as far as man and van services go, which will be between an hourly rate, to a fixed quote for the whole job. Your job is to work out roughly which will work out as cheapest for you. The fact of the matter is that the hourly rate will likely be cheaper, providing that the job goes smoothly. The fixed quote will be designed by the driver to cover any potential issues, as well as the drive back to wherever they are based. For this reason, if you can do the job on a time when there is little chance of much traffic, as well as preparing cleverly, then you will be well set up to get the best service for your money, as it will take little time, and you will be using an hourly rate that you know to be within your budgeting. If you are not completely confident of the time that the job will take, then you should look at how much the fixed quote is; does it fit your budget? It may well make sense to avoid there being any risk in the matter, as you know what you are going to have to pay from the outset with a fixed quote. Working out whether you are getting a good service as well as a good price is difficult, but it seems that the more personality that is shown in the advert, the more likely you are to get a friendly and helpful service. Ask your friends if they know of anyone that is good, because often, the best van drivers will only use word of mouth to get their presence felt. Otherwise, look at your local ads and the internet to see if there is anyone out there that strikes you as hard working. Do not just go with the first company that you find, as they will rarely be the best, and will often be more expensive than you realistically need to be paying for a man and van service.