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What Kind Of A Move Are You Undertaking?

When it comes to moving house, there can be a huge amount of confidence gained form having the right type of removals service for your specific removal. You may have every idea as to what you require, but not a huge amount of knowledge on the removals industry itself, and this is where a few hints to set you off in the right direction can be of huge service. Understanding what it is that you need to be looking out for will ensure that you are not getting off to a bad start, and you will certainly be able to make an informed decision having had a look over the following few ideas. If you are buying your new home, then there can often be issues surrounding the rush of ‘completion day’. This revolves around the issues associated with the previous occupants moving out, and you moving in, as the keys will not be released until the funds have been cleared. The ‘chain’ of various handlers for the money that is involved in the completion of your home will determine how quickly you can get the money safely transferred and therefore move in. You need to be aware as well that the people moving out of the home that you are moving in to may well have similar issues at their end, and will therefore keep you waiting. If your removals company are a good one, they will usually have an option of waiving the waiting time charges, which can save you a decent amount of money in the long run, especially if everything goes particularly badly and you find yourself having to delay by a day or two! On the note of delays, you need to start early with any type of removal, as this will ensure that you are able to get your van packed and ready by midday, perfect for both parties, in that you will be clear of your place as the new people move in, and you will have given those in your next place time to get out. Being well prepared will ensure that this is something that can happen, and finding that you are less organized than you thought you were at the last minute can lead to some serious issues!If you are undergoing a long distance move, then you need to think carefully and plan with your removals service as to how you will be playing the field. Having to drive a long way can often mean a large delay in proceedings, and you want to avoid having to add extra days on to the move in an unplanned way. If the move is over 200 miles, then planning an overnight stop in a hotel will be the best for your family, and many removals companies will have sleeping arrangements in their larger vans for the staff. If you can, sometimes the best option is to arrive late on the day of the move, and to unpack a couple of essentials, like mattresses and bedding, and ‘rough it’ for the night. Then, you have the next day to unpack without the pressure of the removals team needing to return home. Obviously this option leaves you paying for an extra day, but if it is planned in advance then you are likely to be able to reduce the overall cost of the extra day, as well as ensuring that your move can go ahead in a safe and less hurried way, which will ensure less stress, as well as damage!