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Bubble Wrapping: A Packaging Revolution

Who would have thought that by just a mere accident, the bubble wrap will be born? From the discovery of Engineers Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding in 1957, the industry and art of packaging became one step more modern and developed.  Back then until today, the shipping of any breakable and fragile items are given optimum protection.
Basically, the bubble wraps in the market come in different types. There are small and large ones, the choice of usage depends on the type of item needing protection. The small bubble wraps are ideal for packing electronic components, food items, and almost any other kind of goods. These wraps provide protection to the surface of the items to avoid scratching and chipping. On the other hand, the large bubble wraps are ideal to be used for heavier items. These wraps usually have large cellular pockets and have a thick finish.
The use of this advancement in packaging is supported all over the world. This is because of the affordable cost of the product. Aside from being cheap, it can make shipping costs cheaper as well. Since the bubble wrap gives out a good protection, you only need to use less amount of wrap to ensure the total protection of an item. Much more, the fact that it is lightweight makes freight charges due to weight cheaper as well. Furthermore, this bubble wrap is recyclable and reusable, which makes it ideal for your budget as well as the environment.