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Unpacking Made Fun For You And The Kids

Unpacking into a new house needn't be a difficult task if you have little ones. Even you have a babe in arms and three or four little terrors tearing about the place, there are ways to make moving an enjoyable job for them to be involved with! This simple guide offers up ideas to how exactly moving day can also be an opportunity for them to understand the importance of this life changing situation through play.In fact, why can't unpacking be the best bit of the day? This is the chance for the younger children to take ownership of the new place. If they have their own room, they can make it their own! Moving house can often be the first time that younger children will have had the opportunity to shape and decorate their own room, so don't let it pass them by without enjoying it!Before moving in, allow them time to explore the house. Let them run around, poke their heads in every room and explore the garden. Show them their room too. Invite them to have a look, close their eyes and then imagine the room as theirs. What colour do they want it to be? Where could their bed go? Where could they put their favourite toys and books? Do they need shelves? Do they want a coloured carpet? New curtains? Let their imaginations run free! Next, allow them to be a part of the process of decorating their room. If you're lucky enough to have time to decorate before moving in, get them helping. Paint the walls together, let them watch you as you hang their curtains or build their bed. Get them helping! Painting can be great fun, and maybe you can consider painting a mural too. Anything you can do to help them make their room their own will help them to feel right at home when the big move comes. They'll know what to expect and they may even be looking forward to it!Now there's unloading to do! Whilst unloading the lorry into the house, you can always set up a few games for the kids to keep them occupied. Ask them to stand guard over piles of boxes, or maybe even send them into the house as explorers who need to check the house is safe and secure for them to move in! Make the day as fun and engaging for them as possible so they don't even have a chance to get bored or upset. Unpacking the boxes themselves can even become a game. Finding new homes for belongings in their own room can be great fun if they're in charge. Finding new and exciting storage solutions for toys and books can add to the excitement. Items like toy hammocks, collapsible tubes and baskets and toy chests of all sizes and colours can reinvigorate a room immediately and make unpacking a fun exploratory exercise. If you are worried that you may run out of ideas or that your children may complete these tasks very quickly when moving home, then there's no harm in having backup plans! Maybe buy them a few new toys or games to keep them occupied in a quiet corner of the house as you finish packing. Investing in a few new bits and bobs may just make things a little more calm and easy if things get tricky. Maybe you set up a TV and DVD player on arrival to keep them entertained. If you think this is likely, then be sure to make sure the items you need easy access to are loaded last into the van so they come out first.