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Types of Self Storage

Just like moving boxes, there are also various types of self storage facilities. They also come in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Your choice will depend on the item that will go inside it and the purpose for which you will use it.   Mini storage is one of the most popular types of self storage. This is a small storage unit that can be the same size as that of a closet. But there are companies who offer mini storage with larger floor areas. Under this are three more types of self storage.   Indoor self storage   This is a self storage unit that is confined within a building. The good thing about this type is you can rent units at various floors. These are often climate-controlled. Before renting one, better ask the provider about such features.   Outdoor self storage   If you don't have a garage in your homes, you may entrust storage of your cars in this type of self storage facility. Make sure that the storage area is secured.   Drive-up self storage   This is a popular type of storage facility that follows the size of a small garage. This area is large enough to accommodate large furniture and appliances. But, it does not offer climate-controlled features.   Choosing the right type of self storage will depend upon your needs. Never hesitate to ask help from an expert when looking for one.