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Tips to Pack Breakable Goods

Packing breakable items is a very challenging business. Materials such as dishes, frames, vases and appliances are some of the breakable materials you will have to pay close attention to. Here are a few packing tips to help you ensure your items arrive in your new home in one piece.
Wall hangings, frames and mirrors
Wall decorations such as mirrors and paintings should be wrapped in bubble wrap since they can't be fitted into the boxes. They have to be handled carefully and hauled separately because they could get damaged if other items bumped into them.
Electronic Gadgets and Appliances
TV and computer monitors are two of the most difficult electronic gadgets to move. If you still have the original box and the Styrofoam cushion, consider yourself lucky. If not, you have to do some careful wrapping to ensure the screen and the corners are well padded.
Dishes and Vases
Polystyrene beaded boxes are the best way to pack these breakables. Reinforce support by wrapping each dish with bubble wrap. Alternatively, you may use newsprint but they tend to leave marks on smooth surfaces. Ask your movers whether they can provide white newsprints for your porcelain and ceramic items.
Proper packing of breakables helps reduce the chances of damages, but if you really can't risk getting some items broken or scratched, consider carrying them when you move.