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Tips on How to Protect Your Things and Your Home during the Move

Aside from keeping your things intact during the move, it is also a concern to prevent damage while doing so. You also need to protect your home while unloading and organizing your things there. For instance, you need to place cushions on the corners of furniture so that even if you accidental bump them your furniture will not get any dents. If you wrap them with shrink wrap, you also prevent scratches.
On the other hand, you need to protect your floors and other parts of the house too. If you have a hard floor, you can use neoprene cushions on the floor to protect them from scratches. Although you may have to invest on this, it will be worth it with the protection it provides. Carpets need to be protected from mud and stains too. So, you should use a non-slip clear adhesive carpet protection.
A door jam would also be very useful in keeping doors open while movers are passing to and fro to load and unload your things. This is convenient so the movers won't have to put things down when passing by the door. This would make work faster and more convenient. It even prevents scratches and damages too.