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Tips for Packing Lamps Whilst Moving

After spending so much on your house lamps, make sure you pack the right. This is the best way to ensure they remain safe and intact throughout your move.   Remember that boxes are important. Buy a few boxes from a specialist box company that are tall enough to hold your lamps. The box's bottom has to be secured using packing tape.   Other important lamp packing tips   Dismantling the pieces that make up your lamp may be necessary to pack them properly. Here are tips to help you with:   1. After removing the shade and bulb from the lamp shade, wrap and secure its cord around its base. Don't use packing tape to secure the cord as it may stick to fragile paints and remove the coating of the lamp. Just tuck the plug into the rounded cord.   2. Next, you have to spread out a large piece of bubble wrap on a flat surface and place your lamp in its middle. Then roll the lamp in it, and secure with several lengths of tape surrounding it. Pay more attention to the top and bottom of the lamp.   3. The secured lamp should next be placed base down in the box. If there are more lamps to pack in the same box, place them next to each other, base to base. All empty spaces between the lamps have to be filled with newsprint or bubble wrap to ensure the lamps remain intact during the move.   To end the process, you have to seal the box. Mark the box with the word "fragile". You may also indicate the room to which it belongs.