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Things to Do First When Unpacking

Here you are, finally arrived the new house. You can still imagine the tedious packing and the physically challenging loading. Even your travel was so stressful. And to top it all, unloading was a real hassle. Now, you only need to unpack your things and everything will all be back to normal.   However, before you unpack your things, better do the following things first:   -
   Rest. You had a very tiring day loading, traveling, and unloading your things. You deserve to take rest before unpacking. This rest can be as short as two hours or one day. But most people rest for a week before starting to unpack. Giving yourself more time to rest also gives you more time to plan where you will put your items and how you will arrange your things.   -
   Basic needs. What should you unpack first? If you are planning to rest for a week, you should unpack the things you need for a week first. These things include your bedding, bath needs, foods, and some clothes.   Unpacking can also be a very stressful time if you do it right after you arrived in the new house. Contrastingly, unpacking can be fun if you stop and smell the flower before you do it. Isn't it fun to redecorate your house? You will only appreciate that joy if you give yourself time to lower down your stress and anxiety level.