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The Most Dangerous Things to Move and Pack

Moving throws up a number of hazards, with all the heavy lifting and DIY precautions need to be taken to make sure that you avoid injury. Below is a list of things to either be careful of or seek help with to ensure that your move is safe and injury free: 1.    With any heavy objects, be careful not to injure your back. Make sure you bend from the knees at all times and be careful not to make any jerky movements. 2.    Old structures, often sheds, garages or attics may have asbestos in them. If you have suspicions that there is asbestos in your property, seek professional assistance as soon as possible. 3.    Be careful when dealing with garden tools, especially old ones. If you cut yourself on a rusty blade, you can end up with tetanus. When clearing out your shed, wear gardening gloves, and be especially careful unpacking. 4.    Make a special effort to be careful with heavy items of furniture. If you are carrying a set of drawers, have a look inside to see if there is anything heavy that could come out in transit. It may be a good idea to tape the drawers shut, or even to remove the drawers entirely. Similarly, with wardrobes, be careful of swinging doors when moving. Again, you can tape the doors shut, or use a lock if it is a locking wardrobe. 5.    Larger, heavy boxes my begin to come apart when full. Make sure that the box holds together well when you first pick it up, and if not; reinforce the tape and even remove some items if necessary. 6.    If you break a glass in the course of the move, sweep up the shards immediately. It is very easy to forget what has happened and cause yourself an accident. Try using a slice of bread to pick up the remaining tiny bits of glass. 7.    Ask for help. If you are unsure as to whether or not you can handle something on your own, why not ask for assistance? 8.    Be extremely careful with flammable materials. Whether it is an old gas tank for a barbecue or a bottle of white spirit, make sure that anything that could go up in flames is well away from a source of ignition or any kindling. 9.    Keep any poisons away from children or animals. Moves do tend to expose some of the more dangerous household items, but make sure that anything that could harm a child or animal is out of reach at all times. 10.    Don't do anything with electricals that you aren't trained to do. There is no sense in hurting yourself trying to overreach. Remember that trained professionals are always available to help you, why run the risk? 11.    Be careful with ladders. Ensure that your ladder is always propped and supported, or if it's an open-out step ladder, endure that the ladder is fully extended before you climb up it. 12.    Always be cautious with your vehicle. If you are hiring a van or loading your own, make sure that it is safely and securely parked up before you start putting things in. 13.    If you wear glasses, make sure that you are wearing them at all times during the move, especially if you are driving. 14.    If in doubt wear a hard hat and safety glasses, especially if you have to do any heavy duty DIY in either your old house or the new. In short, take care, and ask for help if you need it!