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The Essential Furniture Removal Checklist

So your family has finally decided where to move.  What to do next?   It's advisable to make a checklist of what you plan to bring with you so you don't leave anything or bring something you don't plan on saving anymore.   Categorise everything. Start your checklist by sorting your furniture by area of your home.   * Living Room -  Remove all curtains and curtain rods if you still plan to use them for the new home -  Wash the curtains before packing them away so they're clean and ready to use once you move in.  This saves you time too -  Aside from lights and light fixtures, make sure to remove hooks, bars, framed works and mirrors -  When dismantling heaters and AC, make sure to properly remove wires and parts   * Kitchen - Empty the drawers and cupboards first. - Have enough time to defrost the fridge to be able to dry it well - All other loose and small items should be in one labeled box; one box for every room so they won't get jumbled up. - Dismount screws and hooks as you still might be able to use them   * Bathroom - Remove everything inside from mats to railing and showerhead. - Take precautionary measures when uninstalling the shower - Empty the shelves   * Bedroom - Empty the drawers and cabinets. - Take down the curtains or blinds - Be careful when dismantling the bed frame as you might lose some screws or break some parts which can cause you to spend more later on - Consider in advance how you plan to transport the mattress   * Attic/ Garage - Probably the sole area of the house with the most forgotten stuff.  Be sure to sift through everything and save only what you need. - Check the garage as it often becomes the stock room