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The Day I Learned To Pack

Once upon a time there was a charming, stylish girl who never knew how to organize things. Oh yes, that's me! But I learned it the hard way when finally I have to leave my little kingdom, called Mom and Dad's house and needed to transfer to the real world called office. My boss demanded that I should stay in an apartment close to our office so that I could report early. You got it, I was usually late.   So, I packed my things inside small and large boxes. My Mom told me to gather all the packing materials before I even start packing. Well, that aims to lessen the packing time. At least I wouldn't stop packing just to go to the store to buy some packing tape. I packed heavier items at the bottom of the box. I also placed my small items in small boxes which I still placed in bigger boxes.   I placed the liquids in sealable containers and I secured the lids with tapes and placed them in waterproof bag so they won't leak. I didn't want to reach my apartment like I'm a wet chick! It was a successful packing experience I wouldn't forget.