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Taking Care of your Make Up During a Relocation

Of course, this article is for ladies only and it is a very important one especially if you will be the one to deal with the whole process of moving. You could be a fan of a highly expensive make up and it will definitely come as a shock to you if it gets ruined during the packing process which is in fact the dirtiest part of the whole relocation routine. In this article you will read tips on how to safely prepare your make-up for the relocation without inflicting any damage upon it.

Firstly you need to place the make-up accessories you use every day in a specific box and mark it. This is quite important unless you want to search with hours in order to find in which box exactly you put your make-up. Plus, if you are a woman for which looking good all the time is of undeniable importance you would probably like upon arrival at your new home to unpack your make-up first.

As you well know there are several types of make-up accessories-liquid or non-liquid, make-up stored in containers or tubes that are either made of glass or plastic. Store every type of make-up separately. This will help you to pack carefully all the fragile accessories one at a time.

It is very easy to ruin your make-up items especially if you are careless to those stored in glass-containers. The glass is very easy to break and even if you put two next to one another and wrap them together, the chances for them to break will still be high. You have to pack each glass container separately-wrap it with packing paper or bubble wrap, but make sure it is wrapped well enough. It is allright to put all of them in a small bag or a box but always remember to mark it. If you still feel insecure about the safety of your make-up, you could fill the box with some medical cotton or you can put inside some type of soft cloth. As far as it goes for the make-up stored in plastic you can put them in a small bag with a zipper. They are protected securely enough and there's no danger for them to get wasted. You can still use bubble wrap or packing paper if you want to completely ensure the safety of some specific make-up item you value a lot. Also, don't forget to label the bag if you think you won't be able to memorize that you put this type of make-up in the particular bag with a zipper. When it comes down to the brushes you need to properly wash them before you pack and secure them properly. Place them in the same bag where you put the make-up in plastic containers. If you have to take the box of the glass-container make-up and the plastic-container make-up in one larger box and mark it. There is no need for you to carry your make up in two different boxes.

To sum up, if you are afraid that some king of an accident can happen to your make-up you can always take the necessary precautions following the tips in this article. It is extremely easy, cheap and secure. Packing your make-up is the easiest part of relocating if you know how to do it properly.