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Size Matters When Moving

You are moving out and there are just so many stuffs to carry-from your shoes to your wardrobe and many other stuff toys that your girlfriends gave you as a souvenir. You have considered packing a wonderful time to slowly reminisce the memories you had in this place. But why would it turn out this messy? The answer is in your packing problem.
Your clothes are everywhere. You don't have enough bags to contain them. There are also very old shoes that you don't want to discard. So why not start considering those boxes that your mother told you about? You have boxes of different size to choose from.  These are also very durable to sustain the length of the travel and the weight of your things.
You can choose small boxes for your fragile things such as clock, glasses and other kitchen utensils. It is better to have them handy. Choose a box designed for your wardrobe. There are also big boxes for your books, and other big stuffs.  Be sure that the size of the box is appropriate to the stuffs inside it. Keep in mind that the tighter the space, the better.
Since you're becoming independent, be good in it. Start with boxes.