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Simplify Your Removal

On average, people around the world move every 10 years. That's why relocations and house removals being so frequent need their own market. Some people move even a few times a year, due to the requirements of their jobs. And then there are college students, university students, athletes, etc. Moving house is a tough time for anyone, despite what they do. You would ask how these frequent movers manage. Well, first of all, moving isn't cheap. Even if you are used to it, even if you can manage almost a full DIY removal, it still won't be free of cost. Even a move within the same town requires hiring a moving truck or a van and paying for a driver. Of course you can handle a certain part of the move yourself. If you are doing a short-distance move and you realize what the essentials are, you can pack those yourself and transport them with your own car. Things like your computer, which is essential for keeping contact with relatives and work can easily be transported in its original package. China and glassware which you need in order to eat can be packed in dish boxes which come with dividers inside. Adding enough cushioning will secure a damage-free transportation. And then come bed linen, clothes and toiletries. Prepare a bag for each member of your family and gather their essentials. This is a great way to get the bathroom ready and to be able to have a sleep if you are tired. All of these items can be transported in one's car. To this you can add items which can be unpacked and arranged much later on, but they are still important when it comes to creating the feeling of home again: books, ornaments, pictures, cushions, gifts, etc. All of these can be packed in moving boxes of a smaller size and transported to the new place. Before the whole move starts, make sure you prepare an inventory list of everything the removals company will be dealing with. This is very helpful in case you need to claim insurance. Even if you have chosen a reputable removals company and they have perfect recommendations, there is no guarantee that there won't be one relatively new employee, who could cause damage or steal something. The inventory list should consist of clear pictures of your furniture and antiques. As long as each box is labeled properly, you can be in control of what's going on at any given moment. Be considerate and realize that no house removal is perfect and movers are people too, so they can make a mistake. However, this doesn't mean that it is acceptable. Ask for coverage in the case of damage and know that you don't have to tip a mover who doesn't do their job well. The peak moving time of the year is from May to August, so if your move will be then, make sure you begin your search for a moving company as early as December. When you are choosing a removals company try to get quotes from at least 5. Check their licenses and recommendations. Ask about the estimate of the different services - for example, if the movers pack or unpack for you, how this would affect the total cost. Movers should check your boxes before they seal and load them to see if they are properly packed and there is enough padding provided. On the day of the move have enough cash for tips and any additional charges that may arise. Be aware how many movers are doing the job and how much their hourly rate is. If you have any doubts of scam, contact their manager immediately.