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Planning Tips for Your Move

The planning stage before every move is very important, because it sets the kind of move you'll have, and will be the basis for every task that's will define your move.
One important thing to do when planning is to plan way ahead of time. This will give you the opportunity to pace yourself - like the saying goes, "haste is waste", so time to prepare will help you make less mistakes.
Another tip is to involve other people in the decision making. This does not apply when you are the only one moving, but if you are moving along with other people, even if they're your children, they should always be involved and kept in the loop. It's important that their needs are also taken into account so that everyone will have the opportunity and time to prepare themselves.
Also make a timeline for your move, assigning tasks and allotting the appropriate amount of time for each task, such as research, packing, and whatnot. Remember to take into consideration that you also will be doing other non-moving related tasks, so plan your tasks accordingly.
Remember as well to settle bills and various utilities and send out change of addresses whenever applicable. This will lessen the possible hassles you face when you move into your new home.