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Packing Your Breakables

One of the most important aspects of any move is the packing stage. This is because all your things get to be stuffed and tucked away in boxes to be moved to your new home. Also, the kind of packing you do also contributes to the condition of your things when you get to where ever it is you are going.    One of the most important things you need to take care of during the packing process are your breakable items. More fragile than most, obviously, breakable items need to be packed with care and using special items. These items include bubble wrap as well as packing peanuts to cushion the whole package and preventing any breaks or cracks during transit / transport. You also need to label the package or box accordingly, with a very conspicuous "FRAGILE" written in big, bold letters on all sides to emphasize what's inside. Also, do not forget to indicate which side of the box should be on top so that you or anyone else handling the package will not be confused.   Some items, such as wine require that they be in certain temperatures only so that the flavor and the richness of the wine's texture will not be affected. So you can store your wine in a different container, such as a cooler, instead of simply packing it in with the rest of your stuff.