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Knowing when to plan a Removal

Removals require a lot of hard work, determination and planning. Therefore, deciding to move overnight is not wise. Often we are faced with situations where an overnight move needs to be done e.g. office removals due to relocation. However, if you have the gift of time, a removal should not be rushed. How exactly know when it is the right time to move? This article outlines some of the factors you need to consider before planning a move and the time during which to do it.Seasons play a big part in determining when to move. Moving in the summer is the easiest for many different reasons: if you have children, they will have their long holidays during which they can help you pack etc. The weather will be on your side. You can move without having to worry about heavy rains, storms or even snow. However, with all these advantages, summer has become a very busy time for removal companies. It is wise to be prepared and plan months ahead. This way, you are guaranteed to hire a removal service of some sort. Removal companies are most busy during what is known the peak season of moving. This ranges between the months of May and August. Unless you are planning to move all your possessions yourself, it is highly unlikely that you will find a removal company with an empty slot for you during these months. Therefore, it would be wise to move anytime other than the peak months of moving. This way, not only are you going to be able to guarantee the services of a removal company, but you will also save a few pennies since removal companies charge considerably less during the non-peak seasons of moving. You also need to decide if you are going to move on a weekday or a weekend? Once again, if you are determined to make a move but also save a few pennies, it is advised that you pick a weekday, since removal companies, man and van hires and other rentals are significantly cheaper in the weekdays than the weekends. If you are not alone, you may have other things to think about such as working hours, spouse working hours, and if you have children the academic calendar will surely need to be evaluated. In many cases, moving with children means that a few tantrums will be awakened. Children are often not keen on moving, especially since they would have to say goodbye to their friends and make new ones in a brand new place. Do not plan a move overnight, and allow your children to get used to the fact that they will be moving. It will also give them a chance to say goodbye to their friends. Making a move during big holidays such as Easter, Christmas etc. is not wise. These times are supposed to be spent with the family, not going through a stressful experience such as packing, moving and generally being grumpy. However, hoping to arrive at a new place in time for the holidays is not a bad idea. Not only does it give you the chance to spend the holidays at your new dream destination, but it is also an excuse to have all your friends and family over as a two in one celebration. The thought of all those new house warming/celebration gifts will make the idea seem even better to you!  Knowing when to move is crucial and there are many factors to consider. Plan ahead and be prepared, and your move will be perfect!