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How to Pack and Move Items with Irregular Size and Shape

It's actually easy to pack if you are only packing clothes. But when you have to deal with various types of items it is when you start to get a headache. It is even more so when you have to move things like big furniture, water beds and pianos.
There are certain things to remember though. First is to cushion delicate items well before packing them. If you are packing big appliances, you should use the original packaging. But if it is no longer available, you can use other boxes as long as they are big and sturdy enough. And again, use alternative cushion before you box it.
Another hurdle you will have to face is narrow doors and hallways. If you are moving big and irregularly shaped items, you have to measure all passageways first. Then you should measure your items. If the passageway is smaller and you are moving some furniture, one solution is to disassemble the furniture. If you are carrying a water bed, then you should get rid of the water first. Just make sure you or the movers are careful in handling the water bed as it can be quite delicate. It is also relatively expensive so you wouldn't want to damage it during the move.
By planning your move early you can prepare for the difficulties ahead. This would allow you
to move all your things without harm. And so, you get better chances of having safe removals.