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Do You Have an "Open First" Box when Moving? The Importance of Having One

When moving, there are 1,001 tasks involved. You need to make a schedule of the things to do prior to the move. You need to put together all your packing supplies. You need to organize your things to determine which ones you have to throw away, donate, make money from in a garage sale and bring along with you at the new address. Then, you have to get in touch with a  removals company and decide whether they should do the professional packing and unpacking for you - or if you have the time to do it yourself. Before the move date, you have to cut off the subscriptions and utilities at your old address and have them connected at the new place.

Which Boxes Should I Unpack First?
Finally, once all your stuff have already been unloaded by the movers at the new address, you need to figure out which boxes to open first. To help you out, here is a quick guide that you can follow:
   The "Open First" box.
Every family moving should have an "Open First" box. Remember that once all your boxes have already been unloaded by the movers, it is entirely up to you to do the organizing and unpacking. If you do not want to rummage through all the boxes just so that you can find something to sleep in or a pair of eating utensils to use so you won't have to eat out anymore, you need to put together this box.
It should contain beddings, a few kitchen essentials, bathroom essentials, and about three or a week's worth of clothes. If you have a baby, have a separate "Open First" box for your son or daughter. This way, you would not have to go through all the unopened boxes to find something that you need in order to survive at the new house for about a week or so. This way, you can take your time in unpacking all the rest of the unopened boxes.
   The boxes meant for the kitchen.
Let's say that you have already settled down for a night at the new place after the move. Which box should you open next? If you do not want to subsist on takeout food, then you have to unpack the boxes for the kitchen. Doing so would allow you to prepare home cooked meals again and enjoy dinner as a family, despite the chaos of still having those unopened boxes at various rooms in the house.
   The boxes containing bathroom supplies.
Next, open the boxes which contain your bathroom supplies. The utilities should be working once you move in, and unpacking the bathroom essentials will allow you to enjoy hot showers again.
   The boxes containing your living room items.
Next, clear out the boxes which contain the items meant for your living room area.
   The items for your bedroom.
Unpack your bedroom items last. If you have several family members, make each kid responsible for unpacking his or her own bedroom boxes. By following these tips, you can slowly but surely open all the boxes at your new house, organize things and finally settle in.