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De-cluttering your Chelsea Home

Whether you are simply trying to clean up your Chelsea home, or whether you are considering moving home and would like to start packing and preparing, de-cluttering is something that at some point you will need to do.  You can de-clutter yourself very easily, this does not cost much money and isn’t particularly difficult but can become very time consuming for you. Here’s what you need to do to de-clutter yourself:•    Get some boxes and label these boxes:o    Keepo    Storeo    Sello    Donateo    Recycleo    Throw Away•    Go through your home room by room, and sort through all of your stuff, everything that you have within the room should be placed into one of these boxes.  Once you have finished the room it should be either completely empty, or only have the things in there that you are going to keep. Do this to every room in your home until your house has been entirely de-cluttered.•    Next you need to decide what to do with your things:o    Keep: anything you are keeping can either be boxed and prepared to be moved to your new home, or can be placed back within the room it came from. o    Anything that you would like to store can now be prepared for storage.  You will need to source the best storage solutions for you, this could either be asking a family member or friend to store a box or two for you, or hiring a self-storage or a storage company. You will need to move the items into storage yourself.o    Sell: separate the things you wish to sell into expensive and good quality items that you may be able to get more money for and therefore should consider selling privately.  And things that would be better suited to something like a car boot sale.o    Donate: find a local charity shop that can take your possessions from you,  alternatively there are recycle bins at locations such as supermarkets and in and around housing estates, you may find that most of your donations can be placed into one of these. o    Recycle: this is perhaps the most time consuming part of getting rid of your stuff.  In order to recycle you need to sort the rubbish out into the relevant categories, such as paper, metal, plastic etc. if you go to a large recycling centre you may be able to get rid of all of these things in one go.  You should always consider any specialised items that you have that cannot be recycled with everything else, this includes things like fridge/freezers.  Remember that a removals company would be able to recycle up to 90% of your rubbish, therefore ensure you put as much stuff into recycling as you can to cut down on the rubbish you are going to have to get rid of. o    Rubbish: if you have a lot of rubbish, too much to leave out for the bin men, you may need to dispose of this properly. You can go to a waste disposal centre who should be able to take most or all of your rubbish.  Be advised that using a centre to dispose of your rubbish will mean paying a fee, this is usually on the basis of the weight of the rubbish you are getting rid of, you are usually charged per tonne of rubbish. •    Now you have thoroughly de-cluttered, try to keep on top of the clutter that you gather into your home, add de-cluttering to your usual daily cleaning job’s so that you can always keep your clutter to a minimum, ensuring it never takes as long to sort through again.