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Cut the Cost of Long Distance Small Removals

Even though there are many moving companies on the market nowadays and people move more than ever before in history, the price of moving also has never been higher. People who only have little to move are at a serious disadvantage, because even if they use a small moving company or man and van, the cost is almost the same. Whether the moving company is transporting 20 or 100 boxes across a long distance, the price of fuel and the time will be the same. It is hard for people who need a small removal to find the best and most affordable way to do this. Often people try and cram their belongings at the back of their vehicle. This is all good, but it is often impossible to fit there all your kitchen appliances for instance. Even if you manage, you are still going to need a few trips there and back, which will cost you a fortune. Here are some ideas which can help you keep the costs of a long-distance small moving down:

1) Car sharing: This is becoming one of the most popular means of lowering moving costs. Van or truck sharing is a very useful activity, which anyone can take advantage of. This method is very popular among students, who post notes in their departments of dormitories. One can easily post a note on car sharing sites and get a reply by other people who are willing to share a van. The people sharing the vehicle don't have to be going to the same place, but at least nearby. It's quite easy to find someone to partner up with due to the social networks. Once you find a partner, contact a man and van service or a moving company and ask for a quote which you will split in two.

2) Part or Return Loads: Another useful option is to contact companies at the destination end and ask for a part or return load. Whenever they are passing your location they can carry your belongings. This is suitable for people who are not constrained by time and their requests are kept in a list with non-urgent pickups. This method is most often used with long-distance piano moving, for example.

3) 'One Way' Van Rental: Lots of big van rental companies offer this service, because they realize that they need to be flexible in order to grow their portfolio of clients. The savings for the client can be considerable. If you are moving yourself and you rent a van from a local company you may have to make the journey at least three times: once going to the new place, then returning the van to the company and going back to the new destination. You can benefit from a one way rental and if you manage to find a moving partner, the costs for your move will go down considerably.

4) Save up on packing and movers
If you don't find any of the above mentioned methods useful, you can simply try to lower the costs by doing more yourself. The packing process is time-consuming and tiring, but if you start well in advance and have some extra help from your friends and family, you will manage with it. Having to do a small move means that you have to pack less and not hire professional movers. This will allow you to pay the required price for the moving truck, without worrying whether you can afford it.