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Adjusting Emotionally to Your Move

Moving can trigger a sense of loss, and finding yourself in an unfamiliar environment may make you feel more than a little alienated. For some people, this feeling is unavoidable. But this doesn't mean that there is nothing you can do to manage those feelings.
Look at the silver lining. Dwelling on the negative things will only keep you from adapting more quickly to your new surroundings. It will be harder to meet people. On the other hand, a bright and charming personality can really help you begin to fit in with the rest of the community.
Invite old friends over. If you're tempted to go visit them, stop a moment and consider having them come to your new place. You can have fun showing around your house and around the town. You may even be able to start a friendship between an old friend and a new neighbour, which will be good for you, too.
Think about joining associations or organizations. Being part of an active group will provide you with a wider base from which you can build relationships. This goes for your kids, too.
You may not even have to join an organization to be able to participate in its activities. If so, then explore this option.