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A Comprehensive Checklist to Sort Things Out When You Move

Moving requires organization, plan, and proper executions of methods and moving procedures, hence, the comprehensive checklist.
On your checklist, you have to write in details the things you need to sort out. And to have an idea what your checklist looks life, read on.
On top of your list must be the phone. It should be the first thing you should organize because it will always come in handy when you need help and if you want to contact somebody.
Moving to a new home requires you to cook your own food. How can you do that if you don't have gas? So, there must be proper and working source of electricity and gas, too. If you run out of power, then, you wouldn't want to move right away. It is not a good welcome at all.
Water supply is another factor you need to consider. In fact, it should be on the same spot with your phone, and the internet, too. Can you imagine the horror you are going to experience if you run out of water supply while you are taking your bath?
Worse things can be avoided if you only learn how to anticipate things. So, give yourself more time to decide on things and process your final decisions.